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    Green improvements for property returns

    The environmental benefits of an efficient home have always been clear but the financial rewards have also now emerged, thanks to an increasingly green conscious market.

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    Tips for great outdoor spaces

    With land lots reducing in size, many homeowners are feeling the squeeze to maximise their living space. A clever way of doing this is to extend outdoors and transform your yard, garden or patio into a “room” that can be enjoyed all year round.

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    Can you afford to retire?

    Retirement is a life-changing event. Your priorities will change from building your savings to carefully spending your hard-earned dollars. Finding a way to replace your salary with cash from other sources will be your biggest focus.

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    Get the insider’s edge with these loan facts

    When people mention the financial stress of upcoming holidays, starting a family or credit card debts, they’re often surprised when I tell them I can help. But as a mortgage adviser I can do more than get you a great home loan.

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    Gearing your property for positive results

    ​If you’re thinking of investing in property you should consider whether you want a negatively or positively geared investment. Your personal circumstances and reasons for investing will help you determine what’s right for you but like many financial decisions there are also some general pros and...

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    Investor Hot Spots

    Investing in property is a popular way for Kiwis to earn income and build wealth. Whether you want to increase your cash flow, grow capital or take advantage of tax benefits, Location is crucial to your decision.

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    Understanding Property Valuations

    How much is this property worth? It’s a common (and smart) question to ask. Recently I’ve noticed a lot of confusion when it comes to property valuations. It’s understandable because there are two different types of property value. I’ve explained the ins and outs of both below.

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    Is budgeting a bad word?

    Budgeting. Ick. Just the word alone can be cringe worthy. I’m often asked for my top budgeting tips but it can be hard to get excited about. But perhaps it’s because we often look at what we’re missing out on rather than what we’re saving for. Let’s look at a few saving (a much more positive word...

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    Does three rises mean it’s time to fix?

    With three consecutive months of cash rate rises many home owners are considering fixing their home loan. Banks have been competitive with their fixed mortgage rates recently making fixed rates even more attractive to anyone looking for the cheapest deal.

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    Tips for presenting your home for sale

    It can be challenging to make your home look fresh and inviting in the depths of a rainy winter. When you’re selling and getting ready for the inspection use these tips to get your house looking buyer-ready.

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    Real life refinancing

    Would you appreciate an extra $300 in your pocket every month? Who wouldn’t! Reviewing your home loan options when you already have a mortgage makes it easy to pop into the too hard basket. But it could save you a lot of money and I can do most of the legwork for you.

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    Taking the plunge as a First Home Buyer

    Looking to buy your first home? Congratulations! There’s is a lot to take in when you start out, so here is an overview of some key things to consider when you’re buying property. Contact me to get more information and find out how I can help you get into your new home.

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    Maximise your tax returns

    With tax time upon us, now’s the time to review where your finances are at and where you’d like to be in 12 months time.