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    Why should I use a property manager?

    ​Many landlords have asked themselves at one time or another if they’d be better self-managing their investment property. It’s a question that’s especially relevant if a landlord’s had a negative experience with a property manager who failed to deliver the service they initially promised.

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    Consolidating your debt into your home loan

    ​Dealing with debt can be stressful. You might be managing multiple payments to different lenders or paying various interest rates across accounts. You may just have an outstanding credit card debt hanging over your head. Many people choose to consolidate their debt into their home loan to simpli...

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    Getting Home Loan Approval

    ​There are many ways to put yourself in a better position to get the right home loan for your needs. With the Reserve Bank looking at introducing loan-to-value (LVR) restrictions it’s never been more important to put your best foot forward when applying for a home loan.

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    What to Look for in a Property Manager

    ​Managing an investment property means more than simply collecting the rent. Yet even if that were the case, property managers would still be a great resource for owners. As it is, they can take care of much, much more.

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    Decorating on a Budget

    Whether you have a few hundred dollars for a room makeover, or tens of thousands, you'll need to plan carefully and make tough choices to meet your bottom line. Decorating on a budget isn't about being cheap; it's about being smart, making informed decisions and getting the best value for your mo...

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    A Warm Home At Cool Costs

    Winter is certainly here and the cold has got me researching how to keep my home warm in an energy and cost efficient way. There are several options to consider so I thought I would share the key points to ensure your home stays warm and cosy this season too.

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    Tips to Increase Your Rental Returns

    ​There are several ways you can increase your rental returns without costly renovations. Here some cost effective tips to assist improve demand and rent for your investment property.

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    Weighing Up Positive and Negative Gearing

    ​There are positives and negatives to everything, including property investment strategies. If you are considering investing in property for the first time you probably have some questions around using a positive or negative gearing strategy.

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    Living Colourfully

    ​Because colour is so powerful we tend to look for rules for its use, but there are no hard and fast rules. How you use colour is a very individual and creative choice, but understanding how colour works will help you use it more effectively.

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    Property and tax 101

    ​Can you believe we are already mid way through 2013! Not only did this last six months seem to fly by it means it’s tax time again. If you own an investment property it’s time to start pulling out those receipts. Here are the basics on owning and investment property and tax time.

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    How to calculate rental yield

    ​If you are considering investing in property, “rental yield” is a term you have probably begun to notice popping up into conversations and readings around assessing a property’s investment potential. Here are some basics to help you understand what rental yield means and how to calculate it.

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    Home equity loan basics

    ​When buying real estate, you'll be taking on one of the biggest investments of your life. But your property is likely to also be your biggest asset.

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    Get your home loan approved faster

    ​Recently banks and lenders have seen a huge increase in home loan applications which is causing some frustration for buyers. So whilst the demand for home loans is high, here are some of my tips on how you can place yourself in the best position to be approved faster.