Mortgage Broker in Howick, Dannemora, Botany Downs and surrounding suburbs

With hundreds of products to choose from, a qualified mortgage broker can help you make the right choice. I will go the extra mile for you. With more than 10 years of experience in property investment, I have been using mortgage brokers to source the best possible finance for both my investment properties and personal properties alike. I have sat on the other side of the fence, from being a first time buyer with a 101 questions to a professional investor who needs finance approval yesterday.


  • Rowen, Alaina, Brie & Neve Krissansen
    Just while we have a chance to take a breather and relax now we would just like to say "thank you so very much for all of your help".Nick you are a natural in your role, you are down to earth, professional and always there to help, the service we received from you has been truly appreciated and hard to come by. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to others and feel lucky that by chance we found you and you made purchasing our first home happen.
  • P, Duff
    Nick did all the work for us, he saved us time and managed to get us a mortgage! He was thorough and explained everything very well to us. He was very helpful and available for advice and follow-up. We were appreciative of everything he did for us and would recommend him to others.
  • N, Dorrington
    I guess I can't be too harsh with you coming off two back-to-back losses to the All Blacks....But seriously, your professional attitude and help was outstanding. It made the process of buying my 1st house so much easier, and it was great to be involved with you and your company. I will no doubt be sure to advise my friends to use you in their house buying. Thanks Nick.
  • K Torvi
    It was a pleasure meeting you and being dealt with such a high level of professionalism and communication throughout the whole process. I sincerely must say, where ever I have had the opportunity, I have been spreading the word that Nick Kotze is the man to see. I have no doubt in my mind our paths shall cross again in the coming future. All the very best.
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    Debt to Income Ratios (DTI) Policy is Gathering Momentum

    The Reserve Bank has recently released a consultation paper to consider the impact of debt to income ratios on the market. I am personally quite positive about any measures that are there to protect our financial stability and limit our exposure to a financial downturn, however if they impose it, they need to ensure it does not inhibit first home buyers from getting on the property ladder.

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    To Buy or Not to Buy

    I'm often asked for my opinion on whether it is a good time to buy or not. As I refrain to give investment advice, I thought I'll highlight my normal response and belief. I believe that over time property is a better investment than any other investment vehicle, even if you buy at the height of the market.

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    The effect of increased interest rates on the property market

    An update on the NZ property market… Between loan-to-value ratio restrictions, higher interest rates, and credit rationing, it’s perhaps unsurprising that demand isn’t as high as it was a year ago