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    Debt consolidation advice & Market update

    I’m often astounded as to the amount of interest some of the Hire Purchase, Credit Card and Car Loan companies charge my clients. I have seen rates as high as 27%. After Christmas I am sure many of us have taken out some debt. Therefore I will try and deal with this wealth restricting dilemma i...

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    Buying your first home with the government HomeStart grant

    As a first home buyer, you want to get all the help you can get to maximise your borrowing potential. If you’ve been contributing to a Kiwisaver for at least three years, you may be eligible for ifor the government’s HomeStart grant.

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    How big a deposit do I really need?

    You’ve decided to buy a home. So, how much do you actually need to save up?

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    Getting approved for a home loan

    Taking out a mortgage is probably one of the biggest and most important financial decisions you’ll make in your life.. But lenders won’t give out a loan to just anyone.

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    Six tips for saving your deposit

    One of the biggest hurdles on the path to homeownership is saving your deposit, but talking about it isn’t going to fill up your bank account any faster, so let’s look at what you can do.

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    Are you mortgage ready?

    You’ve fallen in love with a home or section, but are you mortgage ready? Having all your ducks in a row will help maximise your borrowing ability - and a better borrowing ability means a better financial situation for you.

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    KiwiSaver: How can it help me get into my first home?

    With property values rising significantly across New Zealand in the last few years, saving a deposit for a home has never been harder, but there is assistance available in some scenarios that can help.

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    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What Will 2018 Hold for Us All?

    As absurd as it is to speak to a mirror, it also is to try and predict the future, but I will attempt to predict 2018 for us all

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    80% Funding for Investment Properties & Property Investors Beware

    ​There are a few up and coming things to be aware of if you are a property investor and I thought I would spend a bit of time on it in this newsletter to inform prospective and current investors

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    How is the New Government Likely to Affect the Property Market?

    ​There is no doubt that the new government would have a negative effect on house prices. BUT, and this is a big BUT, whether negative means a slowing of growth, prices remaining stable or a reduction in house values is yet to be seen.

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    The Tightening of the Credit Market is Affecting House Supply

    Housing has been a big topic this election and the different parties had different solutions for solving it. But one factor has largely gone under the radar.

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    We Are Grateful for Your Support

    As testament to our effort to serve our customers and provide quality customer service, we have received recognition in those areas at our annual awards in the Gold Coast.

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    90% Mortgages Are Available!!

    I’m astounded to see clients every week who believe they need a 20% deposit. Please do your friends and family a favour - tell them to come and see me, as this is simply not true.