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    An early Christmas Gift from the Reserve Bank

    The reserve bank has recently announced some great news, which will surely help to lift the market a little bit. For first-home buyers there are now more funds available if you have less than 20% deposit, which would really help for those people who don’t have 20% deposit. Give me a call if you ...

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    Best rates since WWII!

    Back when rubber shortages meant dairy farmers had to prove they had at least 12 cows to qualify for gumboots and rationing saw New Zealanders shrinking their meals, mortgage rates were low. Pretty much, where they are today - seventy years on.

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    The interest-only time bomb

    Many people are unaware that their interest-only loan, negotiated when they bought their investment property, does not automatically renew. I.e. If your interest-only period expires, normally after 5 years, it automatically reverts to principal and interest unless you apply for an extension.

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    Yes, our housing market’s slowing, but so is everyone else’s

    ​Our housing market has become less road runner and more sloth. And we’re not the only country seeing a slowdown.

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    Interest rate 101

    ​What’s a central bank? This is a country's primary monetary authority and it decides on the interest rate. Ours is called the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, known as the RBNZ.

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    Using Your Equity to Invest in More Property

    As there is currently a lot of press about tenancy laws and the proposed changes, I thought I would encourage you to present your views through this consultation period. This month, I will explain equity and how that could be used to buy an investment property, if you choose to do that.

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    “Passing in at auction” - What does it mean & what should I do?

    When you are at an auction, sometimes there is a big gap between what the top bidder wants to pay and what the property owner (vendor) wants to sell for – what happens then? Often, the property is passed in and I'm going to break down what that means.

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    Buying a Home With Family

    With rising property prices and stricter lending criteria buying a home or investment property is becoming harder than ever. As a result, we are seeing more buyers pooling their resources and buying property with family. However, as with any contract, it is important you go in with your eyes wide...

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    Pros & Cons of Split Banking

    Essentially, if you have all your properties and mortgages at one bank, the bank can take collective security over all of them. Even if you have different entities and bought them at different times with different loan accounts, the bank secures the debt against all assets held with them.

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    New offer for your clients. Overseas money transfer service.

    Let's face it, transferring money in another currency is a pain and something that most of us have no idea about. That is why Loan Market has partnered with not just any old international transfer service, but one that is used by more than 300+ million people a year.

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    Affordable housing?

    Companies like Solution Street are popping up all around and are constructing prefabricated homes. The 70m2 two-bedroom apartments are being sold from $519K in a market where the average house price is $860,000.

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    Q and A: Your big questions answered.

    There’s a lot to know about loans, especially if you’re taking one out for the first time. So let’s knock over some of the common ones, and hope they’re some of yours.

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    There is a way you can get a loan for an investment with only 20% deposit.

    If you’re thinking about investing, the deposit amount you need to have may be causing your anxiety levels to rise. But don’t worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel.