Commercial and Business loans

As we have relationships with a range of business and commercial lending specialists and major banks, Loan Market advisers are able to assist with business finance for expansion, investment funding, leasing, purchase or refinance of commercial properties, retail shops, industrial land, factories and offices or cash flow lending.

Your Loan Market mortgage adviser can help you gain an understanding of your options and develop a sound financial plan encompassing low interest rates, tax effective structures and a high level of service before committing to any expenditure. Each lender has their own programs and their own requirements so an adviser can also help you understand the differences between loan types and lenders, including related fees and charges.

Security for business and commercial loans
As with your home loan, your business or commercial finance loan will require security. Some of the options for security for your business loan include:
  • Residential property
  • Commercial property
  • Assets of business, such as stock
  • Guarantee of directors supported by residential/commercial property

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