Types of insurance cover

There's a range of insurance products available to you. Read below to find out about the different types of cover.

Health Cover - In case you need to have hospital treatment

Health insurance gives you the freedom to select the best specialist and hospital in New Zealand, and avoid the lengthy waiting lists. It also takes away the need to worry about large medical bills. A good health insurance policy will pay for 100% of the costs of private hospital treatment. It will also cover specialist visits, major diagnostic tests and imaging such as MRI and CT Scans.

Income Protection / Mortgage Repayment Cover - In case you are too sick to work

Income protection provides you with a monthly benefit that replaces a percentage of your income, so you can keep on top of debt and living costs. A mortgage repayment policy is an alternative which can simply cover your ongoing mortgage repayments or a percentage of your income

Trauma Cover- In case you suffer a major health condition

Trauma insurance pays a lump sum upon diagnosis or suffering one of the covered serious conditions, regardless of whether or not you are able to perform your normal duties of work. A good trauma policy will cover over 40 major health conditions, with most claims coming from "the big three" (serious cancer, heart disease & stroke).

Total & Permanent Disability Cover - In case you are unable to ever work again

Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) Insurance pays a lump sum in the event that you're unable to ever work again ­totally and permanently disabled.

Life Insurance - In case you die or are terminally ill

Life Cover will ensure that in the event of your untimely death (or becoming terminally ill) a lump sum payment will be available. This payment will allow you to provide for your spouse/family by ensuring their financial security.

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