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I'm yet to meet someone that wants a mortgage however in most circumstances they are the necessary evil when purchasing a home or investment property. Don't take time off work to sit at the bank and arrange the mortgage when you can allow me to work on your behalf at no cost to you while you carry on with everyday life or continue looking for your new home.

Why Choose an Adviser

  • Access to over 20 Lenders
  • We can meet when it suits you (after hours is fine)
  • We ensure our clients always get the right market rates at that time for their situation.

  • Home loans in Auckland

    We take the time to explain the full process, from application to settlement. We do most of the legwork for you, leaving you to simply review and sign.

  • First Home Buyers

    Buying your first home and trying to get your head around the finance side can be such a daunting experience especially when considering different home loan types.

  • Self employed borrowers

    Many New Zealanders enjoy the freedom of working for themselves, but being self-employed means time is tight, with the extra challenge of keeping up with the paperwork of running your own business.

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Latest News

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    Do I have to get a building inspection for the bank?

    Yesterday a client asked me if he had to get a building inspection or not. And the answer is no, you don’t actually have to get one, but yes, you should! Typically, your property will be your biggest investment and asset, and you want to make sure that it is structurally sound.

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    Online Mortgage Application

    A really common question is “can I complete my mortgage application online?” The great news is, yes you can. We have some awesome software that allows you to complete the form online in around 15 minutes.

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    KiwiSaver Withdrawal Quote

    If you are planning on using your KiwiSaver to purchase your first home, we don’t just need to know your balance, but we also need a KiwiSaver Withdrawal Quote.