Mortgage Adviser servicing Khandallah, Johnsonville and Wellington CBD

I am a loan broker expert servicing Khandallah, Johnsonville, Wellington CBD. I use my expertise to provide you with the most professional consulting services to meet all your financial needs.





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  • 首次购房者
  • 投资人


  • 民宅贷款
  • 建筑贷款
  • 商业房屋贷款
  • 新生意贷款


  • 商业学士学位
  • CFA Level 2


  • Steve Holloway
    Home Loan
    Scott was not only able to get us our home, but he also got it at a very good interest rate - in fact the best. While another highly recommended mortgage broker could only get us a 20 year mortgage, Scott was able to get us 30 years AND we were able to keep our existing home. With excellent communication skills and an ability to think outside the square, Scott was able to see solutions that would work for everyone. That's what makes him an excellent broker and we couldn't recommend him highly enough.
  • Michelle Chen
    Highly recommended broker. We’ve been refinancing and re-fixing our home loans through Scott who has been super helpful and got us a fantastic rate. Most importantly we didn’t have to waste our time and effort. 5 STAR SERVICE. We are in Auckland, done everything though just email/phone.
  • Nicole Wang
    Investment property
    Excellent experience with Scott. Helped us to own our home with good cash back and really low interest rate. Will definitely recommend him to anyone who is planning to buy a property. This guy is very reliable. Thank you!
  • Brodyn Muller
    cannot recommend Scott enough, absolutely pleasant to deal with, put alot of things into perspective for my wife and I.. will continue to use Scott for all of our future endeavors A++
  • Leon L
    Just got my home loan renewal and got a fantastic rates for doing nothing since Scott has done all the the work. Saved time and money, thanks Scott. 5/5 star for your service and advice.
  • Yimeng Gao
    There are a lot of people who claim to be trusted advisers out there, but Scott really delivered the best outcome for me when it came to financial advice. Scott always kept his words and I was always in the loop on the progress of my application. Scott gave me a lot of confidence in his work, and he offered great solutions that met my needs.
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    Back when rubber shortages meant dairy farmers had to prove they had at least 12 cows to qualify for gumboots and rationing saw New Zealanders shrinking their meals, mortgage rates were low. Pretty much, where they are today - seventy years on.

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    Yes, our housing market’s slowing, but so is everyone else’s

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    ​What’s a central bank? This is a country's primary monetary authority and it decides on the interest rate. Ours is called the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, known as the RBNZ.