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Having spent nearly two decades in New Zealand’s financial and mortgaging world, I have been able to pocket exponential masses of knowledge, wisdom and experience from which I can apply to manage and solve my clients’ needs. Often, the borrowing process can be confusing and potentially can make for a harrowing experience. Yet, my team and I continue to innovate, adapt, and move forward to embrace the challenges of the ever-changing market and strive to seek out all possible pathways in satisfying our clients’ needs. Over the last eight years of my job as a broker, I have cemented and solidified relationships with countless lenders as well as racking up an extensive customer base to work from, especially responding and engaging deeply to the aggressive growth in demand of Chinese borrowers across New Zealand.  

Since joining the Loanmarket group, I have led my team on a journey of accomplishment with my team becoming a member of the Loanmarket Chairman’s Club, and personally, I am a member of the prestigious Platinum Elite Advisers’ Club. I have been constantly rated the second strongest adviser in the Loanmarket New Zealand division, and by the end of the 2017 financial year successfully reached a milestone of $300,000,000 in receipted settled loans. With such heavy endorsement from my company, I am confident in myself to be able to provide clients with a professional and proficient service that is sharp and slick in delivering results.




自从加入Loanmarket集团以来,我带领我的团队完成了一项成就之路,我的团队成为了Loanmarket Chairman's Club 的一名,而且我个人也成为了白金精英顾问群的成员。我一直被评为Loanmarket新西兰分部的第二强顾问,并且在2017财政年度成功达到了300,000,000纽币已结算贷款的里程碑。在我公司如此的认可下,我能够为客户提供专业,精通的服务充满信心,这些服务在提供成果方面非常灵活。

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