Gopal Sreenivasan

Loan Market Mortgage Adviser servicing Te Atatu, Henderson, Glen Eden and surrounding suburbs

About Gopal Sreenivasan

For the past 14 years I have journeyed with many families across Auckland as they find their ‘Home Sweet Home.’ I am a Personal Lending Manager who assists with the financial requirements for such projects.

Looking after a family of two children with my better half, I understand what is needed of us parents to give our children a life of joy and happiness whilst making sure it does not critically hurt our piggy bank. Whether it’s a loan for a new home, re-fixing an existing loan or any other financial matter, I can assist you throughout the process and make sure you get the best deal possible. Children are our future and therefore it is essential that their future is protected.

As a Mortgage Adviser I can find the right retirement plan that suit you whilst making sure your children are financially secure for their future endeavours. Of course, living in the present is what kids these days call ‘YOLO’, in other words you only live once. Luckily for you I provide Insurance products that make sure even when unforeseen events occur, you are financially set to tackle it head on. As living standards increase people do whatever it takes to adapt themselves for a comfortable life. But, it does not have to be so difficult. With my experience and knowledge of the Auckland property market I can guide you to create your own portfolio which will keep your piggy bank satisfied and ensure you live the comfortable life now and tomorrow.

My name is Gopal Sreenivasan and I am your Mortgage Adviser today and tomorrow. Let us begin the journey together.