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    Market Update May 2017

    After the Reserve Bank meeting, earlier this month, governor Graeme Wheeler has left the official cash rate (OCR) unchanged at a steady 1.75%. He also kept the rate track unchanged, stating his view that the reasons for the recent headline inflation spike are likely to be temporary.

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    Taking a holiday… from paying your mortgage.

    The commitment of mortgage repayments, is likely the largest expense your clients have each month. This is why taking a break from paying their home loan could be the solution to temporarily alleviate financial burden.

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    Renovation loans explained

    From small DIY fix-ups through to major re-construction projects, renovations can be a great way to add value to your home. There are a number of finance options available to renovators, so it’s important to understand which type is best suited to your circumstances.

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    How to add value with a granny flat

    Adding a self contained unit, or ‘granny flat’ to your home can be a cost effective way to provide a home for elderly relatives or older children struggling with rising rent. It can also be a great way for homeowners and investors to generate extra cash flow through rental income and increase the...

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    Why have properties in NZ become so expensive?

    Despite a slow start to the year, REINZ’s House Price Index report shows New Zealand’s property market to be picking up speed, with property prices set to continue their uphill ascent.

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    Market Update April 2017

    Having dropped to an historic low of 1.75 per cent in November 2016, the Official Cash Rate continues to remain unchanged. With inflation still low, Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler has stated he is in no rush to move this, although heightened geopolitical risks could lead to a change sooner ...

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    当您有多项贷款的时候,确保及时偿付是会让人感觉有压力的事情,并且给家庭及生活也带来压力。我们当中的许多人都有个人贷款,车贷和信用卡需要每个月向不同的金融机构支付还款额,这意味着您有可能比您需要支付的付出更多。 任何人想集中债务至一处以此来减少利率和月还款额,都可以从债务整合中受益。

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    目前的利率比以往任何时候都低,但很多人发现靠他们自己买房仍有些力不从心。如果您正在考虑首次置业或希望在房产投资方面更上一层楼,有一个解决办法是和家人或者朋友一起购买。 当然和您亲近的人之间总有一些意想不到的状况有可能会发生,但是和您所爱的人合作买套新房是有益处的。

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    Kiss your home loan goodbye, sooner

    Anyone who has ever had a mortgage will most likely tell you that they wish to have it paid off before the end of the loan term. For many of us it can be easy ‘to fall asleep’ on our home loan as we continue to automatically make the mortgage repayments without giving it a second thought. Howeve...

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    You CAN save for a house while you rent

    If you’re like many New Zealanders who currently rent but would one day like to own their own home, you’re not alone. Having to pay rent, utility bills and other expenses, whilst trying to save for a house deposit may seem unattainable, but with some discipline and commitment it can be done.

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    ​Buying property with family and friends: Is it wise?

    Interest rates are the lowest they’ve ever been, but many people are still finding a challenge in purchasing a home on their own. If you’re looking to enter the property market or eager to climb up the property ladder, the solution could lie in buying property with family and friends.

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    Who needs debt consolidation

    When you have multiple debts, it can be stressful trying to keep them all under control, and can put pressure on your family and other areas of life. Many of us have personal loans, car loans and credit cards which we pay off each month, often to different financial institutions. This means you c...

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    Tips to growing wealth

    For most of us, there is no instant lottery ticket to being wealthy, but commitment and discipline are paramount for a strong wealth creation strategy. We share some valuable tips to assist your clients in successfully building wealth and finding financial direction.