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    2016 Wrap up - Sam White Interview

    2016 saw yet another big year for Loan Market and the mortgage broking industry. In an interview with Chairman Sam White he summarised the highs and lows of the last twelve months- this is what he had to say…

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    Lack of available funding from NZ banks right now but don’t panic!

    Though it’s not news that New Zealand has seen a decline in home lending in recent times, the last three months have been particularly difficult.

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    What you need to know to prepare for auction

    Gearing up to attend an auction for a property of interest can be both exciting and nerve-racking, so being well prepared is the first step. To avoid disappointment and potentially extra costs down the track, it’s wise to have a pre-purchase inspection done to the property, which will detect buil...

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    End of year bucket list

    December brings with it some exciting times with Christmas and a well-deserved break just weeks away. Midst trying to finish projects before the year ends and getting those last minute holiday preparations ready, it’s easy to forget about your yearly bucket list. We’ve put together some errands t...

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    Can the information on my credit file hinder my loan application?

    Talking to a mortgage adviser can help understand the important role a credit file plays and can advise you of the different requirements by different lenders. Find out your options.

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    ‘Tis the season to get in the kitchen and bake

    Food brings people together and there’s no time like Christmas to get into the kitchen and bake for your nearest and dearest. These festive treats will have everyone’s mouth watering.

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    Ho Ho How to budget for the silly season

    The silly season can get pricey. Christmas gifts, parties to attend, new outfits for the occasions and -for those who go away- the cost of travel, food and accommodation. Here are some ways to help with the budget.

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    Body corporate fees VS buying a house

    Buying an apartment, unit or townhouse usually means being part of a body corporate who handles the management and upkeep of the building and sometimes the entire vicinity. It is responsible for common areas and in some cases may pay for services like pools, gyms and in some cases concierge. This...

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    Foreign Investors - What’s happening in NZ?

    Property investment by foreigners seems to be ever growing in the New Zealand market, with an increasing number of people from outside the country wanting to buy real estate.