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    Debt-free holiday tips

    Many of us tend to overdo it during the holiday period; whether it be eating or drinking too much, planning too many social outings, or spending too much.

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    The problem with cross leasing

    If you’re involved with property cross leasing you‘ll probably be aware that this arrangement can have its fair share of complications.

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    What is CV and why does it matter?

    If you’re a homeowner, you may have been waiting on tenterhooks to hear what your property’s CV is. This rating, known as the Capital Value (CV) or the Rateable Value (RV), is determined by your Council every three years, and is used to work out how much you should be paying in rates.

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    Market Update: November 2017

    If you’re playing by the book, you have nothing to worry about. That’s the message the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) Tenancy Compliance and Investigation Team have for unscrupulous landlords.

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    Extension to bright-line test

    Proposed policies related to housing were priorities for all sides during the recent election. The National party campaigned for tighter rules for investors to ensure they’re paying their fair share of tax, and they also proposed a billion-dollar housing infrastructure fund for new housing in hig...

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    Refinancing your home loan

    Undoubtedly, home buyers want to get the best mortgage rates, yet there’s also hesitancy around refinancing. Some people think it’s going to be a complicated and drawn out process, with the work needing to be done outweighing the benefits. After all, there were enough forms to fill out and terms ...

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    Rental increases subduing in Auckland

    A new Infometrics report is out, and in what will be music to the ears of renters (but not sound so sweet to landlords), Auckland’s rental market is slowing down.

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    Market Update: October 2017

    In what took almost a month to be decided, Labour party leader Jacinda Ardern has been declared New Zealand’s newest Prime Minister.

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    Contents Insurance - More cover than you might expect

    When it comes to insurance, knowing the value of your house or car may come easier to you than knowing the value of your contents. Here are some key points about contents insurance that can help you to get the right cover…

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    What landlords can do about methamphetamine

    ​As a landlord, you want your property to be in the best hands. You can vet prospective tenants by carefully checking their references and going with the people you feel are the best fit. You can conduct regular inspections to keep an eye on your property and its maintenance.

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    Be prepared for auction day

    ​For both buyers and sellers, an auction can be a stressful occasion. It can move so quickly that you don’t fully register what is happening until afterwards. For potential buyers, this can mean getting swept up in the drama and bidding more than you can afford.