1. Supply catching up with demand in rental market

    Property investors throughout most parts of New Zealand are enjoying gains in their rental income, but those increases are occurring at decreasing rates. Rents rose by 4.0% in the year to July 2022, compared to 4.9% the year before, according to the most recent data from Stats NZ.

  2. Government incentivises development of tenant-friendly housing

    New and existing build-to-rent developments will now be exempt from the interest limitation rules that recently came into force. That’s because the government wants to incentivise investors to build new rental properties, in the expectation that increasing housing supply will put downward pres...

  3. Why non-banks can be a great home loan option

    One of the big reasons to use mortgage advisers, rather than go direct-to-lender, is because they give you more choice. And one of the big ways in which advisers offer more choice is by including non-bank lending institutions on their home loan panel.

  4. Five risks to consider when buying a home through a mortgagee sale

    As interest rates rise, it’s possible we will see an increase in ‘mortgagee sales’, which is when lenders seize and sell the homes of borrowers who default on their mortgage. This presents buyers with the opportunity to buy a home at a discount. But it also exposes them to five serious risks.

  5. Avoid the wave of home loan rejection

    Splashing out on the high life too regularly can jeopardise any hopes homebuyers have of securing a bank loan, thanks to stricter lending conditions that were introduced last year. Getting an expert on your side can help you present the best possible application. Loan Market has put together a Bu...

  6. New homes "selling at very competitive prices"

    Trade Me Property has revealed that new homes that have been recently completed are selling “at quite a discount from the prices reached in 2021". That means buyers can now purchase their target home at a lower cost or afford a better property.

  7. Kiwis trust the financial system, but often feel financially insecure

    New Zealanders have revealed the three most important things they want from financial institutions, in research conducted by the Financial Markets Authority. The Consumer Experience with the Financial Sector Survey also found what percentage of consumers feel they are in a secure financial posit...

  8. Home building costs rising at record rate

    Residential construction costs have recorded their fastest rate of growth over both a quarter and year, according to CoreLogic’s Cordell Construction Cost Index. With demand strong and supply tight, prices are forecast to rise even more over the rest of the year.

  9. Govt plans further changes to borrowing rules

    New borrowing regulations that came into effect in December 2021 are having unintended negative consequences, according to a new review. As a result, the government plans to make three key changes, which are expected to take effect in March 2023.

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