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    新西兰的房价正在缓慢上涨,除了奥克兰在1月份的时候有小幅下跌。 在不久的将来,奥克兰可能不是唯一一个物业价格越来越便宜的地方。据澳新银行指出,越来越多的房屋在市场上停留的时间越来越长,银行对贷款对象也变得越来越挑剔; 因此,在拍卖会上,买家口袋里的钱似乎更少了。

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    3 ways I can get your customers ready for EOFY

    Tick, tick... Only a month until the end of financial year. I’ve got a few tools in my toolbelt to help your clients get savvy when it comes to their loan.

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    My 20+ pathways to securing finance for your clients.

    With credit rules tightening thanks to our friends across the ditch, this could make you and your clients fear they may struggle to get finance for that property they have their eye on.

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    2019 | Rates and the housing market

    NZ house prices are slowly moving up, except for Auckland which saw small falls over January. Soon Auckland may not be the only place where property is getting cheaper.

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    Getting set for 2019

    This time of year is perfect for reassessing your finances and making sure everything is in check.

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    We declare a new mortgage war and ask; will the NZ market follow Australia’s slide?

    A major bank just announced a property loan rate below 4%. Is this the first salvo in a new mortgage war?

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    The latest on negative gearing

    PM Ardern pledged to end negative gearing and just released Labour’s official policy assessment. What did it say?

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    RBNZ relaxes lending rules

    The RBNZ has made the decision to further relax the rules around loan to value ratios (LVRs), which will offer our housing market a much-needed adrenaline shot. How does this impact you?

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    Don’t get stung by a stocking stuffer

    You don’t have to spend Christmas eating gruel like Ebenezer Scrooge, to live within your means. Here’s a few tips to help you take control this Christmas.

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    一定程度上“一劳永逸”的心态随着贷款而下滑。贷款从你账户里吞噬着你的钱。与此同时,你继续进行其他事情。但问题是 - 如果您只有偿还利息(IO)的贷款,何时转向本金和利息(P&I)偿还?

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    供应短缺导致价格上涨。这是供求关系的铁归律。想想当地的黄金,钻石或优质服务。根据最新的Trade Me租赁价格指数,目前可出租物业的缺口就是新西兰的租金。此外,在夏季繁忙高峰期,渴望获得挖掘的投资者推动了需求。在过去一年中,全国每周平均租金上涨了6.6%,达到创纪录的$480澳币。

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    Best rates since WWII!

    Back when rubber shortages meant dairy farmers had to prove they had at least 12 cows to qualify for gumboots and rationing saw New Zealanders shrinking their meals, mortgage rates were low. Pretty much, where they are today - seventy years on.