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    Life happens. Make sure you are protected.

    As an adviser, my job is to make sure you have the right loan to reach your goals. It's also my job to make sure you're protected from the good, the bad and the ugly when 'life happens'.

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    Negative and positive gearing explained. What does all of this mean?

    Negative and positive gearing explained. What does all of this mean. How do they differ and which is right for your investment property? Let’s find out.

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    Bad things happen. Make sure our clients are protected.

    As an adviser, my job is to make sure a client has the right loan so they can get to where they want to go in life. But now, more than ever with the high level of debt people are taking on, it's important to make sure that clients are protected from the good, the bad and the ugly that can happen ...

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    Market update

    For those who dislike change, you’ll be pleased to know the official cash rate is still steady at 1.75 per cent. However is tipped to rise to 1.9 per cent next December. The RBNZ previously predicted this rise would happen next June, so it’s a watch and wait game now.

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    Passing in at auction. What does it mean? And what should you do?

    Attending an auction is nerve racking enough as it is without knowing what the property is going to sell for and who your competitors are.

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    Equity in property investment

    You may have access to some equity in your home if you have taken out a loan and have been paying it off for some time.

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    Market Update

    According to the folks at Quotable Value (QV), residential property prices in 2018 have, for the most part, continued their onward and upward trajectory – albeit more slowly. In the year to April, prices rose 7.6% to average $679,000. Houses in and around Auckland, which has led NZ gains for the ...

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    What happens in an annual review with your client?

    Once settlement is done and dusted for a client, an adviser will reach out to the client for an annual review each year. The review is conducted to check that the loan that was originally set up for your client is still right for their current situation and is helping them meet their financial goals

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    让我们来看一个问题,外汇转账有时会让人焦头烂额,而且我们很多人对它完全不了解。因此,Loan Market不仅是很多老牌的国际汇款的合作伙伴,而且每年要超过3亿用户。XE汇款 (XE Money Transfer) 可以帮助您完成个人和商业用途的国际汇款。