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    Foreign buyers not shown the resi door?

    PM Ardern campaigned hard about reining in the runaway horse of house values. This made sense because NZ’s median price rose by over 60% in the last decade and doubled in Auckland where there’s a chronic housing shortage and the average house costs over $1 million.

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    NZ property market: Looking OK for now

    New Zealand’s biggest property markets are in reasonable shape — prices are stable in Auckland, Dunedin’s are growing and Wellington has been recovering its losses since March. This is happening even while many banks will only lend to borrowers who can afford 7% interest rates.

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    Bank or mortgage adviser? Who should help you with your loan?

    Getting a competitive, hassle-free loan on your own isn’t easy, so do you go with your bank or a mortgage adviser?

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    Brush that mortgage out of your hair

    Paying off your mortgage becomes second nature, like walking your dog or cleaning your teeth. But should you look at how you can pay it off sooner?

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    The national real estate picture

    According to Quotable Value Limited (QV) NZ’s property market will plateau for the rest of this year and into the next. In fact, Dunedin was the only main centre with any material growth in May, up 1.1 per cent, a whopping four times more than any other main centre.

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    RBNZ: move along, nothing to see here!

    Well folks, that’s 20 straight months at 1.75 percent and the RBNZ’s longest run of inertia on rates for many, many years. But the two words from Governor Orr that stuck out were, “for now".

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    Loan Market opens first Hub in Ascot Park

    Loan Market has opened its first collaborative working and client Hub in Ascot Park, Auckland. The Hub will give both advisers and clients a space to meet, learn and work.

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    Life happens. Make sure you are protected.

    As an adviser, my job is to make sure you have the right loan to reach your goals. It's also my job to make sure you're protected from the good, the bad and the ugly when 'life happens'.

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    Negative and positive gearing explained. What does all of this mean?

    Negative and positive gearing explained. What does all of this mean. How do they differ and which is right for your investment property? Let’s find out.

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    Bad things happen. Make sure our clients are protected.

    As an adviser, my job is to make sure a client has the right loan so they can get to where they want to go in life. But now, more than ever with the high level of debt people are taking on, it's important to make sure that clients are protected from the good, the bad and the ugly that can happen ...

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    Market update

    For those who dislike change, you’ll be pleased to know the official cash rate is still steady at 1.75 per cent. However is tipped to rise to 1.9 per cent next December. The RBNZ previously predicted this rise would happen next June, so it’s a watch and wait game now.