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    Listings picking up

    The New Zealand average property asking price just hit a record $690,733! reports that, after an 18-month nap, there were 10,372 new listings in September - an 11.7% increase on September 2017.

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    Inflation surges! So, what about rates?

    Surprise! Sorry. Not the fun sort. Rising fuel and house prices have helped inflation spike to its highest level in a year. Statistics New Zealand say it rose 0.9% in the June quarter, making the annual figure 1.9%. You know something is up when fourteen economists surveyed by Bloomberg are caugh...

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    Record high for NZ weekly rents

    Any shortage of supply drives prices up. It’s the iron laws of supply and demand. Think gold, diamonds or good service at your local. According to the latest Trade Me Rental Price Index, the current shortfall in rentable properties is doing just that to New Zealand’s rents.

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    This is in your interest

    A certain “set and forget” mentality slips in with mortgages. Money leaves your account to nibble on your mortgage. Meanwhile, you get on with other things.

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    The KiwiSaver HomeStart grant for first home buyers

    If you’re talking to a first home buyer who may be in doubt on how they can finance their first home, I can bring them up to speed about the KiwiSaver HomeStart grant that could be the answer they are looking for.

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    A window in to house prices

    According to QV’s latest House Price Index, between June and August this year, NZ’s residential property values fell 1.6%. Auckland was down 0.4%, Christchurch 0.2% and Queenstown had a heavy fall with a thumping 1.0% drop. That said, on a per annum basis, prices are still up 4.8% but our annual ...

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    Yes, our housing market’s slowing, but so is everyone else’s

    ​Our housing market has become less road runner and more sloth. And we’re not the only country seeing a slowdown.

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    Interest rate 101

    ​What’s a central bank? This is a country's primary monetary authority and it decides on the interest rate. Ours is called the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, known as the RBNZ.

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    Foreign buyers not shown the resi door?

    PM Ardern campaigned hard about reining in the runaway horse of house values. This made sense because NZ’s median price rose by over 60% in the last decade and doubled in Auckland where there’s a chronic housing shortage and the average house costs over $1 million.

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    NZ property market: Looking OK for now

    New Zealand’s biggest property markets are in reasonable shape — prices are stable in Auckland, Dunedin’s are growing and Wellington has been recovering its losses since March. This is happening even while many banks will only lend to borrowers who can afford 7% interest rates.

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    Bank or mortgage adviser? Who should help you with your loan?

    Getting a competitive, hassle-free loan on your own isn’t easy, so do you go with your bank or a mortgage adviser?